Seasonal closure of hiking trails in Terchová

Every year there is a seasonal closure of trails from 1st March to 15th June due to protection of nature.

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  • Medziholie – Veľký Rozsutec – Medzirozsutce (red line)
  • Obšívanka – Malé Nocľahy (blue line)
  • Vendovka – Malý Kriváň (blue line)

Seasonal closing in this period takes place for several reasons. Animals need space to raise their young, young animals also need to learn hunt in peace. Also, the sidewalks are no longer frozen during this period and the plants are not strong, yet. The earth needs to regenerate and gain strength.

Therefore, we ask all tourists to respect the closure and use many other sidewalks in the area. In Malá Fatra, there are in total more than 150 km of marked trailsthat offer a wide selection of hiking trails.